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fanmix time!

So I never make fanmixes anymore??? So I made a fanmix.

medium RP
fandom Inglourious Basterds / Yu Yu Hakusho
subject Kurama / Shoshanna
title Love So Quiet

Download link!

Explanation given where necessary :)

Maroon 5 - Tangled

And I've done you so wrong
Treated you bad
Strung you along
Oh shame on myself
I don't know how I got so tangled up

I thought this captured a lot of Kurama's feelings of guilt over the way he withheld the details of his past from Shoshanna, even if there was no ill intention behind it.

Adele - Daydreamer

Daydreamer, sittin’ on the seat
Soaking up the sun he is a
Real lover, makin’ up the past and feeling up his girl like he’s never felt her figure before
A jaw dropper
Looks good when he when he walks, he is the subject of their talk
He would be hard to chase, but good to catch and he could change the world with his hands behind his back

Polmo Polpo - Requiem for a Fox

A pretty instrumental with an appropriate title.

The Killers - When You Were Young

You sit there in your heartache
Waiting on some beautiful boy to
To save you from your old ways
You play forgiveness
Watch him now, here he come

He doesn't look a thing like Jesus
But he talks like a gentleman
Like you imagined when you were young

Can we climb this mountain? I don't know
Higher now than ever before
I know we can make it if we take it slow
Let’s take it easy, easy now, watch it go

Lisa Mitchell - Valium

Sometimes your love
It's so pretty I just wanna sink in
And sometimes your heart
Well, it's so pretty I just wanna live there

Well, I wish I could bottle it up
And breathe it back like Valium
And sometimes your heart it's so pretty
I just wanna live there

Belle - Jack Johnson

Oi lienda
Bella che fa?
Bonita, bonita que tal?
But belle
Je ne comprend pas francais
So you'll have to speak to me
Some other way

Damien Rice - 9 Crimes

Leave me out with the waste, this is not what I do
It's the wrong kind of place to be thinking of you
It's the wrong time for somebody new
It's a small crime and I got no excuse
And is that all right, yeah?
I give my gun away when it's loaded
Is that all right, yeah?
If you don't shoot it how am I supposed to hold it?

I think this fits well with Shoshanna's relationship history and her feelings/hesitance about letting someone new in.

Muse - I Belong To You (+ Mon Coeur S'oevre A Ta Voix)

When these pillars get pulled down
It will be you who wears the crown
And I'll owe everything to you

How much pain has cracked your soul?
How much love would make you whole?
You're my guiding lightning strike

I can't find the words to say, they're overdue
I'd travel half the world to say "I belong to you"

Regina Spektor - Better

If I kiss you where it's sore
Will you feel better, better, better
Will you feel anything at all

the Thrills - Old Friends, New Lovers

Broken friendships surely beckon
Why she asked me?
All because of you,
Baby blue.

I mainly chose this song because the title was appropriate, but the lyrics also suggest not only friends fighting over significant others, but also a transition from friendship to something more, which felt very appropriate.

Muse - Endlessly

there's a part in me you'll never know
the only thing I'll never show

hopelessly I'll love you endlessly
hopelessly I'll give you everything
but I won't give you up
I won't let you down
and I won't leave you falling
If the moment ever comes

Jimi Hendrix - Foxey Lady

You know you're a cute little heartbreaker
You know you're a sweet little lovemaker

I wanna take you home
I won't do you no harm, no
You've got to be all mine, all mine
Ooh, foxy lady

Melissa Etheridge - Come To My Window

You don't know how far I'd go
To ease this precious ache
You don't know how much I'd give
Or how much I can take

Just to reach you

Come to my window
Crawl inside, wait by the light
of the moon

Ben Folds - the Luckiest

That I first saw your lovely face?
Now I see it every day
And I know

That I am, I am
I am the luckiest

What if I'd been born
Fifty years before you
In a house
On a street
Where you lived?
Maybe I'd be outside
As you passed on your bike
Would I know?

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