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☬ ❡une ℂarter ℂash ([personal profile] inglouriously) wrote2014-01-26 10:23 am
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is it clever? why is it clever?

it's been almost two years since i've updated, and that's kind of crazy.

i'm definitely happier than i was two years ago. but for right now, i feel a bit...useless. i'm trying to get a promotion at target but i'm scared i've screwed it all up, and then that has me wondering if maybe it's a sign i should be trying to find a better job. i shouldn't be settling. i should try harder to get something out of my degree.

my plan was to be a tattoo artist, but i'm such a chickenshit that i don't even know where to begin. i feel like i'd be laughed out of every studio i went into looking for an apprenticeship. i can barely afford my rent and bills as is, i don' know how i'd function when an unpaid apprenticeship would be taking up most of my time.

i could always go to grad school, but that would just be stalling for time and racking up more debt.

i dunno. i have a headache.

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