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☬ ❡une ℂarter ℂash ([personal profile] inglouriously) wrote2010-01-15 12:39 am

Short little baby story

Who: Edgar Hunt
What: Brooding, what else?
Where: Wales
When: 1994, immediately following
Warnings: Moping.

Normally after yet another long, relatively uneventful day at the office, Edgar would go home, make himself dinner, and kick back with a good book. Tonight, however, was a different story. Edgar himself was a little unsure exactly what had happened, but long story short, it had greatly resembled a date. The man wasn't eager to put a label on it, but for purposes purely pragmatic, it had been a date. He wasn't exactly sure what to think of it, either. At least, it depended on what part of him you were asking.

The emotional side of Edgar, the one that had been shut up for the better part of thirty-six years, had enjoyed the whole affair immensely, particularly the kisses he and Evie had shared. Edgar's eyes drifted to the striped scarf she had given him as a compensation of sorts for losing his hat, laid almost lovingly across the back of his armchair. His gaze then shifted to the rest of his den, the lovely solitude that he had built for himself for so long. Why should he give all this up now? After all, and he had found success on his own, the goal of all those years of hard work, and he was in the prime of his life. No, he reminded himself. You're passing your prime.

Perhaps that was why this was all happening all of a sudden. Perhaps it was high time he found someone. Goodness knew he had never met anybody so appealing; Evie had struck his fancy for some reason unknown. Edgar nodded firmly to himself. Yes, he would let this happen. It seemed he had no choice in the matter, anyway.

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