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assorted tomfuckery. mostly just a place to keep lists and things.
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 So...I wrote a thingy. It's smutty. You have been warned.

WHO: Jean-Baptiste Girard and Léonie Lefébvre
WHAT: Doin' stuuuff.
WHERE: Jean's apartment
WHEN: Sometime in the near past, I would imagine.
WARNINGS: Sexy tiems. Also, possibly sketchy French. Sorry.

Je te veux. )

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Who: Edgar Hunt
What: Brooding, what else?
Where: Wales
When: 1994, immediately following
Warnings: Moping.

Normally after yet another long, relatively uneventful day at the office, Edgar would go home, make himself dinner, and kick back with a good book. Tonight, however, was a different story. No, you're passing your prime. )
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Chanella and Scott fluff. Set a few months into the future. I was bored.

The story. )