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assorted tomfuckery. mostly just a place to keep lists and things.
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So I really love Elinkan, a blog full of fashion and cute photography by Swedish fashionista Elin Kan. She's adorable. Dorms people will recognize her as Xanthy Hinterbottom. :D Anyway, I was browsing through her photos and had the sudden urge to icon. Here are the results.


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I'll post these in other places eventually but for now they're just going here where all like 4 of you that read this can see it.

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Justin Hartley, Ten, Martha Jones, and the last one will only be understood by Erin, and anyone else who's read that thread. Mostly experimenting with colors, levels, exposure, and text. Funtimes.

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So I decided I wanted to make some icons. And WOAH look they're not Doctor Who OR David Tennant themed! check them out, use them if you want, just gimme credit pls.

And yes, I made two of Shoshanna, because she's frigging awesome.